Apr 252015

OK I’m not asking this question for my self I’m asking for my boyfriend he has a 1996 jeep Cherokee country 4.0 yesterday we filled the tank up full for the first time (by the way we just bought the jeep from another person and we have had it for about 2 weeks) and after we put the gas in we drove about 10-15 miles got home and had not turned the jeep off yet because we were gonna leave again and now it won’t start again its almost like its not getting fuel to the engine and the gas seems like its a cloud color please help he needs to get to his first day of work at his new job tomorrow

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  1. If the gas is bad it will have to be drained and flushed out and the fuel filter replaced. You could try spraying starter fluid in the air filter and if it tries to start on that you know for certain it is fuel related.

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