1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.0 litre non turbo

I recently replaced a faulty valve cover gasket on above mentioned vehicle. I drove the car approx. 20 miles and parked it. The next day, it would not start. The car is definitely getting both fuel and fire. Removed the plugs to find oil running off of the plug threads on cylinders # 2,3,and 4. Cleaned the cylinder walls with carb cleaner, installed new plugs and wires, and the car started and ran perfectly fine. However, once again, after a 20 mile drive, I shut the ignition off and the car would not restart. Again, I took the steps of removing the plugs,cleaning them ,spraying carb cleaner in the cylinder walls, re-installing the plugs, and low and behold, the car started. Every time I take it for a drive, it will not restart, and I have to repeat the same scenario. Only thing I have found is a broken hose going from the throttle body to the valve cover. PCV ? Could this cause blowby to get into the cylinder walls by bypassing the rings ? Any help is greatly appreciated.