2002 Chevrolet Malibu

So I might be making a trade and get a Malibu. Sounds like a good deal, the guy said it won’t start. So I assumed it was the passlock problem that Malibus are known for. But he told me that his friend jumped a semi truck with the Malibu and he experienced electrical problems resulting in the car dying. So, is it possible amps back fed into the Malibu and fried some computers or the alternator or maybe just the passlock? If this is possible could you tell me what would fry and what I would need to replace?

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  1. Hooking up a battery backward when jumping it can possibly fry any and ALL electrical wiring and components. If it was left hooked up for a long enough time to see smoke rise… i would say a complete rewire is in store. I am certain it is much more than just the pass-lock.

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