2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee ltd, 4.7L

Occasionally, when I start the car, the horn beeps once, the bright lights come on, the fog lamps come on, and the windshield wipers and turn signals don’t work. The display reads “programming active”. Also, twice in the past, I have had to have the vehicle towed to the dealer because of a “damaged key”. Once it happened while I was actually driving\ the car. It stalled when I was waiting for a traffic light, and the “damaged key”message came on and I had to have it towed in!

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  1. The programming active is the computer going into program mode to self program another key– this is going to require replacement of the wireless control module if the problem persists

    The wireless control module is going into programming mode on its own — and yes it is a dealer repair– the only thing programming mode is for is to program a new key– This is what is causing the vehicle to shut down and not start.

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