98 pontiac firebird

was wondering what engine i had. it has the v0207hv stamp on it but im not sure about the nnn nnn-nnnn. none of the numbers i found match up to 10 numbers long

i have a 98 firebird with the 3800 v6 in it
i got a v8 (described above) that i’d like to drop in it. possible? it came with a tranny or i have another tranny off of a ls1

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  1. I have no idea what “v0207hv” is. If the v8 engine came out of a Chevy or Pontiac then you should be able to install it in your car. However, you will need all the computer controls, wiring harnesses, exhaust, brackets, drive shaft, etc of a V8 firebird.

    All possible, not practical. Cheaper and easier to go by one that is already a v8.

  2. the v0207HV was a number stamped on the block by the heads. someone else online said that signified that it was a 327 out of a z28 or a vette in 69 or so. but another guy said i had a 68-69 350ci on my hands. would like to know which so i can get parts. it came out of a 55 chevy but it wasnt original. and i have more time, patience, and project commitment then i do money. so i’d love to build the bird ive got. but thanks for the advice

  3. i mean in all reality, if i had to i should be able to go old school with the carb, points, and what not. doing away with fancy electronics and just building a runner. shouldn’t i or is there something i overlooked? very possible i missed something

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