02 pontiac grand am

the car will start fine sometimes and other times will just turn over and after a few times start other times it seems it will never fire up and may take 20 tries just took it to mechanic shop where i work at manheim auto auctions they replaced the fuel pump and some relay still having same problem read online where many with this vehichle 99 to 05 having same problem dont know what else to do dont have money to take it to another mechanic shop if they could not figure it out where i work not sre what to do there is a recall for the ignition cylinder or switch i think could this be the cause thank you for any help

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  1. The recall would be the first step and yes it could have something to do with it.

    You could also try cycling the key on and off 10 times to prime the fuel lines. This would let you know if the fuel pressure is bleeding off.

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