1992 Ford Ranger 2wd Manual

When my truck is idling there is a slight knock I can hear that goes away when I press in the clutch pedal. When I then try to drive it becomes very heavy but I can only hear it when I’m in gear trying to drive. If I push in the clutch or put the truck in neutral the knock goes away. I feel that it’s a transmission or flywheel/clutch issue as it seems that the motor doesn’t run any harder or knock when not trying to drive. Other than it tries to overheat like crazy. I am fairly mechanically sound and can fix most issues but I don’t have any transmission experience and need some direction


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  1. Your throw out bearing is shot or the flywheel has a crack in it…. Most likely the throw out bearing. There is no pressure on it when the clutch pedal is not pressed and allows it to make noise and when you press it in,,,,, no noise.

    In your case the bearing is made into the slave cylinder. Sometimes you can get lucky and lubricate the area and reduce the noise, others require replacement.
    1992 Ford Ranger Clutch assembly diagram

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