2007 Toyota Highlander, 2.4L engine, AC Compressor Replacement

2007 Toyota Highlander with 2.4L engine. AC Compressor shot. Mechanic wants $900 to do complete job. Sounds about right, but I dont have the scratch. I am fairly mechanical. I know there are “tricks to the trade” with replacing AC compressors. Would anyone be able to provide “detailed” instructions or reference a “detailed” video on how to replace the compressor, crossing all the “T’s and dotting all of the “I”‘s? Thank you.

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  1. First thing to consider would be the fact that the Air Conditioning system needs to be evacuated and will need to have a vacuum drawn on it before recharging can take place. If you do not have one of these machines, you may want to consider waiting until you do have the money to have it done.

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