2014 BMW 435 I

I took my car into BMW service recently because my rear view camera wasn’t working properly. I left it there for 2 days. On day 2 I get a call telling me that me that upon inspection of the car they found that I have a broken front axle and suspension! They say it must have been cause by a pothole. The car, besides the camera, was running fine. I didn’t have any trouble with the handling or performance at all. Is it possible that I hit a pothole and I wouldn’t have known I caused this damage or is something fishy going on?

1 thought on “2014 BMW 435 I”

  1. If you were fine with the way it drove then don’t worry about it. They are 1. looking for more business 2. Covering themselves of something they may have noticed.
    Have them fix the camera and advise them you will bring it back if it gets worse unless it is covered under warranty, then by all means allow them to take care of it.

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