No power anywhere

I turned the key it went click no power anywhere all fuses and links good topside so I pulled a 30 amp breaker that is with the fuses put it back in and it started… Two days later happened again. Same scenario except it didn’t start fuses good . I changed the links on the firewall (because of the problem with water dripping o the fuse block outside.But now no click when I turn the key and no power. I have to disconnect the battery to get power. But now it does it just by turning the key on or any other system. I replaced the two breakers in the fuse block with 30 amp fuses and it isn’t blowing any fuses or links. Is there another breaker somewhere that breaks all the power? The battery has maintained the whole time. Yt?


1 thought on “No power anywhere”

  1. Year , make and model of vehicle may help.

    But, it sounds like you have corrosion and or bad battery terminal connections and or bad ground connections.

    Generally one hard click means the starter is going or gone bad. But a loss of power to everything would indicate just that. Bad connection or resistance from the battery.

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