Jun 182015

My truck quit running (unexpectedly); I saw that I was not getting fuelto the injectors, replaced fuel pumps in both tanks in addition to the tank switching canister. I’m now getting fuel to the injectors but, it will just turn over and not start. In addition I get an error code 87

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  1. Code 87 Fuel pump primary circuit failure.

    Check to see if you are getting injector pulse. Check fuses and relay. Relay being the most likely cause of the issue.

    If you spray starting fluid in does it start?

  2. I will try that…so frustrating; could turn a wrench back in the day but; , with fuel injection, relays, etc I am lost

  3. Sprayed starting fluid…it starts. However, I am not getting voltage to the pump on the frame…replaced relay still no voltage. Is there anything between the relay and the pump?

  4. Inertia switch. Should be under passenger side floor mat.

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