Jun 232015

I have a 1997 audi a8 Quattro with 180,000 miles on it and for a while now the power and acceleration has been horrible ……i have to push down really far on the pedal for a while to get it up to a descent speed …and its kinda embarrassing ….especially at lights or a stop sign……freeway driving isn’t that bad but i can tell the power is nothing what it should be …..im thinking it could be the plugs or possible maf sensor but i changed the plugs about 5 months ago …..there is no check engine light on and no codes being thrown at all …..please help!!!

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  1. If the engine sounds different than it used to then you may have a failed coil. If it sounds the same just under powered, it may be a fuel deficiency possibly cause by lack of fuel pressure, clogged fuel filter or dirty MAF.

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