2004 325i

Does the engine come out from the top or bottom?


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  1. Top:

    To Remove:
    1.Before servicing the vehicle refer to the precautions in the repair manual
    2.Disconnect negative battery cable
    3.Raise and support the vehicle
    4.Drain the engine oil into a suitable container
    5.Drain the cooling system into a suitable container
    6.Lower the vehicle to the ground
    7.Move engine hood to assembly position
    NOTE: The following work must be carried out with a second person assisting.

    Instructions apply to left and right sides.

    8.Gently raise retaining clip and simultaneously push upwards
    9.Hold engine hood and unhook damper on hood
    10.Slide special service tool 51 2 160 or equivalent over damper
    11.Open engine hood completely and reconnect damper with special service tool 51 2 160 or equivalent to hood
    12.Remove microfilter
    13.Open cable duct on lower section of microfilter housing and feed out cable(s)
    14.Release screws and remove lower section of microfilter housing
    15.Unscrew and remove splash guard
    16.Raise and support the vehicle
    17.Remove transmission
    18.Lower the vehicle to the ground
    19.Remove A/C compressor drive belt
    20.Remove A/C compressor from bearing block and tie back to one side
    NOTE: Do not disconnect A/C lines.

    NOTE: The water drain plug is located on the exhaust side of the engine block by cylinder No. 2.

    21.Pull locks and disconnect water hoses
    22.Remove radiator
    23.Remove cover from fuel injectors
    24.Remove both oxygen monitor sensors
    25.Remove intake air manifold
    26.Disconnect water hoses from water pipe and from heating valve
    27.Unfasten engine section of wiring harness and place to one side with cable duct
    28.Unfasten reservoir for power steering unit and tie up to one side
    NOTE: Do not remove the lines.

    29.Remove fan clutch with fan impeller from water pump
    30.Remove alternator drive belt
    31.Remove power steering pump and tie back to one side
    32.Suspend engine from special service tool 11 0 000 or equivalent
    33.Disconnect right side ground wire
    34.Unbolt left and right engine mounts
    35.Carefully lift out engine

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