2005 ford sport trac. v6 4.0

My son is down in Texas so I can get my hands on his truck to see whats going Maybe a little help with the symptoms it’s a 2005 ford sport trac He got a fuel filter a while back because the truck was surging like it was running out of gas, then it was not so bad and he didn’t change it, so I am leaning that way But now it may be a two part problem, He say he knows he has gas but it gauge is not showing and the truck will not start as if its out of gas. this happened after he put gas in the other night so I have not heard of a truck not starting just because the tank sensor is not working, that’s why I think the filter is plugged , am I wrong can a bad sensor keep it from starting ?

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  1. No, you are not wrong. A back fuel gauge sending unit will not keep it from starting. However, if it was run out of fuel….and then they added some gas to the tank.. now they know it has fuel in it. The fuel pump/system needs to be primed before it will start once it was run out of fuel.

    You can achieve this by cycling the ignition key. Turn the key “ON” for 5 seconds and then off for 5 seconds. This should be done ten times to prime the fuel system. Then try to crank it over.

  2. thank you and No its didn’t run out but had some surging in the past could have been a weak fuel pump and now with the fuel pump and fuel pickup sensor inside the tank could be one lead to the others failure so many things when your not there and can’t touch it Ha Ha fuel filter is a must but need to see if we have any gas to the engine damn miss the good old days no sensors and relays just a pump and a Carb. 🙂

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