2007 dodge caliber

Have 2007 Dodge caliber base model no extras. Plane Jane. Anyhow got new battery thought old one kicked bucket after 6 months put new battery in everything worked. So now to find why old battery drained turned everything off took keys out and on the instrument cluster where it shows the manual transmission position P N D R L well this indication these lights all stayed on even after several minutes didn’t shut off with keys out? What’s going on? Any fix ideas? Hope it’s just a relay stuck or something.
Thanks. Scott.


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  1. Since it is an ’07, when was the last time you had it in the dealer for any kind of service. I know that there has been at least 2 or 3 software upgrades since then. That might be your issue. Since the battery died, all memory was erased and the software you are running might be glitched. Most dealers are reflashing the cpu for free, some for a small fee.

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