2000 Sebring JXI

the car will run for about 15 Minutes and then stall, I have 3 different people who have looked at it, some say its the alternator, 1 has said the fuel pump, and one said the cat converter, what would cause this

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  1. Does it start right back up? If not, you can do some testing to see what is missing when it will not start.

    You can still hook up a meter tot he alternator and monitor the charging system to see if charging quits just before it dies. You can hook up a fuel pressure tester and watch to see if your fuel pressure drops just before it dies. And a back pressure tester can be hooked up to check the catalytic converter to see if it is clogged.

    Fuel Pressure Tester

    Back Pressure Tester

    Alternator Tester

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