2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L V6

My explorer has 3 lights on, on the dash. 1. ABS Light 2. Door Ajar Light 3. Service Engine Soon Light

ABS Light; was told was because a sensor is disconnected (upon purchase).
Door Ajar Light; Not a clue whats wrong.
Service Engine Soon; No codes displayed when diagnostics are run, it says Error every time I try.

I was told to unplug the battery and it should reset everything and hopefully allow for the problem to send to the computer and allow it to register on diagnostics. I am wondering how common of problems these are and what normally causes them and how to fix them.

Currently trying to sell for a smaller vehicle and can’t sell with lights on.


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  1. ABS light on would be from a failed or disconnected sensor, this is correct.
    Door Ajar light would be a door latch as they have the switch built in. The most common is the drivers door as it is used the most often.
    The service engine light would most likely be emissions related. Generally when you can not get the code reader to connect it is from a failed fuse, usually the radio or cigar lighter fuse. Just about any local auto parts store will read the codes for free.

    Post the codes you find below and we will provide you with the code information.

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