2003 ford focus

Water leak, had to add coolant and water every few days to resevior otherwise it was empty and car would overheat. There is a small “hole” in the top of the resevior, looks like it was melted or something. There was boiling or bubbly water in the bottom of this if the vehicle was driven short and long distances.

Flash forward to now, you can’t even put water into the resevior as it ALL spills out somewhere near the water pump instantly. To be honest, I don’t know if there is anything in the radiator.

i am having the car towed to a mechanic as the battery is dead now but I just want to know what to expect… Please help.


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  1. First thing they should do is to diagnose the issue you have. They will determine why the battery is dead, most likely a bad battery or bad alternator unless it was just from you leaving something on. Once they have done that, they should pressure test the cooling system to discover where the leak or leaks are coming from. Then you will need to have the leaks fixed before they can double check the system. I would recommend having the thermostat replaced while they have it and the system is going to be getting new coolant anyway. If it is the water pump, you are looking at 4 hours labor on the 2.0L engine and 2 hours labor on the 2.3L engine. They should only add about .5 hours labor for adding the thermostat.

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