2007 Toyota Rav 4

I have a 2007 Toyota Rav 4. It started using oil 3 months ago. I received a letter in the mail from Toyota, more or less that their were problems with some Toyota’s using oil and take it to my local Toyota dealership and have an oil consumption test done. In which I did and it burned 1 qt of oil in 1200 miles, which is consider a problem. The dealership told me they would send the results to Toyota and when they have the parts made I will receive another letter/ and or they (local dealership) will contact me. The problem is now when I check my oil I can’t tell if it is low, by looking at the stick it shows oil to the second marking. Today my rav 4 jerked and hesitated, (this has happen twice) it always feels like it is the transmission, but when I check the transmission fluid that reads full. It this a sign my oil is low or?? Also my oil stopped working soon after it started using oil


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  1. Your oil stopped working? I don’t understand that statement……..????

    Generally a jerk or hesitation would be from a failing ignition component(typically an ignition coil). But is not limited to this. Could be bad fuel, etc. 1 quart low on oil should not cause it to jerk or hesitate.

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