Jul 152015

Drove my Honda Civic all day yesterday with no problems. Went to get in it this morning trying to start it would not start it’s turning its just not catching. I know absolutely nothing about cars. I’m broke so any advice you could give me would be grateful

  2 Responses to “94 Honda Civics LX”

  1. Could be out of gas, you could try spraying starting fluid in the air filter.
    Timing belt could have broke, engine would spin over but sound a bit different.
    Could have a failed ignition system, would no longer have spark.

    No Start Diagnostics

  2. I recently had that exact problem with my 94 Honda Civic lx. The mechanics replaced a ton of irrelevant shit on it, but turns out the real problem was that the COMPUTER BOX (or something- main relay) under the dash was the problem. It cost like.. 400 dollars new or, in my case, 75 dollars used. Ask about a computer box/relay.

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