98 Chevy Blazer

It wont start, has fuel to the engine, has good spark plugs and wires and cap and rotor, has a new distributor, has a new starter.


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  1. You will need to determine what the engine is not getting.

    You need 4 things to make an engine run.
    1. Fuel – need fuel pressure and INJECTOR PULSE
    I use one of these to check for fuel injector pulse. No need to unplug anything. Just touch the tip to the side of a fuel injector and have someone crank it over. If it blinks, the injector is pulsing. No blink = No Pulse. Simple and easy.
    Follow the image for more Details….

    2. Spark – Make sure you see spark at the plugs. Use a spark tester.

    3. Compression – What is compression
    4. Timing – All of the above 3 at the right time.

    Make sure the ECM fuse is good.

    No Start Diagnostics

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