1998 Toyota Rav4

I replaced a bad alternator on my 1998 Rav4 2.0L and now the AM2 5A fuse keeps blowing when the key is turned to start the engine.
According to the owners manual this fuse is for the fuel injection, airbags, seat belt pretensioners, starting system and the discharge warning light.

Anybody have this problem before or give me some advice on where to start?

Thank you

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  1. Do not see it related to the Seat belts or air bags on the diagram.

    Generally a fuse will blow when there is a short or a larger amperage draw than the fuse is designed. Check your connections to make sure nothing is touching where it shouldn’t be. I would also try unplugging the alternator and seeing if the fuse stops blowing. There may be an internal issue with the new part.

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