1988 Lincoln towncar signature

just replaced bad alternater now charge system light keeps blinking off and on but system seems to be charging ok

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  1. OK.. the charge light has power going to it all of the time. There is a Light Green/Red wire that goes directly from the instrument cluster to the Voltage Regulator mounted in the Alternator.

    There is no ‘pre-programmed’ function to make this light flash or flicker under any circumstance, therefore the problem must be either a poor connection of this wire (likely at the alternator), or a problem in the voltage regulator itself.

    Try this… unplug the electrical connector at the alternator. Turn the key on. If the CHARGE light remains off, then inspect the connector and if it’s clean, tight, and corrosion free, then replace the alternator. If the CHARGE light continues to flicker (or comes on) then you’ll need to physically trace this wire and find out where it’s grounding out at. It’s possible it’s rubbing against something, allowing the metal part of the wire to ground making the light flicker at times.

    You can test this further by attaching a jumper wire to the LG/R wire at the alternator connector, and touching the other side of the jumper wire to a good ground, or the negative battery terminal. The light should them come on and stay on.

    Also make sure you have good CLEAN connections on both battery terminals. A loose ground/negative can cause this as well.

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