1999 chevy venture

My 1999 chevy venture is running really hot. Temperature gauge goes almost into the red after 3-4miles of city driving and im adding a qt of antifreeze/water every couple days. No noticeable radiator leaks, no water or smoke from the tailpipe, and only cool air when the heat is on full blast. Im gonna add gasket sealant tomorrow hoping that fixes the problem. Is that a smart move?


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  1. Sounds like you have a leak for sure. Internal or external can only be determined with testing. I use a cooling system pressure tester to diagnose coolant leaks. You just top off the system, attach the pressure tester, pump it and watch to see where the coolant leaks out.

    These engines are known for having intake gasket leaks. There was a recall on them but has since expired. The factory gasket material was no good and failed. Most have been replaced but not all.

    Low on coolant will keep you from having heat and cause overheating issues for sure. If it is a blown head gasket, wouldn’t hurt to try some sealant. I have had huge success with “bar’s stop leak”, needs to be the pelletized. (and it is less than $5.00)

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