1999 Nissan Pathfinder

My car started got 2feet and it just cut off on me ,tried to restart would not turn over and no panel lights ,called roadside they came for battery recharge still nothing (battery is one year old,brand new),still no start ,sat awhile turned key off and on then begin to get a light on panel ,the car started,turned car off then tried again car started,road ca home with no problem ,WHAT COULD BE MY PROBLEM,need to get to work is this an ongoing stop and start problem ,if so WHAT IS ESTIMATE (parts and labor)


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  1. No lights coming on on the dash would lead me to believe bad connections at the battery terminals. This could be loose connection or corrosion or anything that keeps a good clean connection.

    There could be an internal short in the battery itself or the alternator may be failing to keep the battery in full charge.

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