2004 cadillac cts

Keeps draining power ..Had the battery tested and it’s fine..it’s let me jump it a few times but now it’s to the point I can’t jump it..it’s all computers so it makes noises when you try to turn it over? I’m confused as to what it is!


2 thoughts on “2004 cadillac cts”

  1. Most likely the battery needs to be replaced. Jumping a battery causes damage to the battery and shortens its life. A battery LOAD TEST is what would be needed to properly test it. You can check for battery voltage getting to the starter to rule out the electronics or to confirm the starter is failing. Check for battery voltage at the “S” terminal on the starter while someone holds the key in “START” position.

    I am still leaning toward the battery. This is the style tester I use.

  2. I just replaced the battery in my 2003 cts with an Optima 34/78 dual post battery, The last Optima battery I had lasted 19 yrs 6 months, at $245 it is expensive but piece of mind and a long service life are priceless.

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