2008 Saturn Aura

When idling for extended periods, engine will die. Will restart and repeat issue several times, then runs fine. When issue started, turning off AC compressor would help, but now it has started doing it when AC is off. Just had oil change, replaced air filter, and tried a fuel injection cleaner to recent gas fill. Frequency of issue is increasing. What could it be?


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  1. Unfortunately this could be a number of things. First, if the check engine light is on, lets get the codes as this can narrow down the issue considerably. If there is no light on then it is off to the hunt and peck method.
    Could be loose manifold hoses, loose or dry rotted vacuum lines, IAC – Idle Air Control, clogged fuel filter, dirty or bad fuel, dirty throttle body, failing coil, failing sensor, failing PCM just to name a few.

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