Hyundai Santa Fe Limited 2011

About 10 days ago the check engine light comes on. HAd check ny locaol repair shop. Tells me Code P200A, “Intake runner”. Said he lubricated and if light comes back to bring to Dealer. Light comes next day. Make appt for dealer, 3 days out. Next morning battery is dead, (probably about right, time wise). Drop car off for appt. Dealer says needs new battery and Check engine light needs part (Sorry, didn’t get that info). Labor for part for check engine light problem $350. HAd AAA change battery that afternoon and dealer ordered part. It’s 7 days since battery has been changed, no check engine light. Possible dead/weak battery could have anything to do with Check engine light or just coincidence. Obviously don’t want to pay for unnecessary repair.


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  1. It is possible that the lubrication that was applied is doing its job finally. Once the battery was changed out the computer codes may have been cleared. So now everything is working as it should. You could continue to drive it the way it is until it acts up again and have it repaired then or you can choose to have the part replaced now in an effort to keep it from coming back on later. Either way, it shouldn’t leave you stranded.

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