2001 ford f150 5.4 triton 4×4

Sometimes when gets hot when stalls out jumps idling before stalling and wont start until its cold again replaced cam sensor also usually on hot humid days and ac is on if i get to start it jumps idle if i push gas it quits? And have no check engine light on ran scan came up fine tps is at 11.6 at idle 93 when pushed to floor help help help please?


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  1. You will need to determine what it is not getting when it won’t start. This will help narrow down what you need to concentrate on.

    You will need to see if it isn’t getting fuel, simply spray some starting fluid in the air filter and see if it will start on that. If it does start you know it is a fuel related issue. Check for spark, fuel pressure and fuel injector pulse. If it is no spark, then the most common part would be the ignition control module.

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