’04 Range Rover & 04 Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Vs. Land RoverOf these 2 SUV’s, which would have the more expensive repairs?

1 thought on “’04 Range Rover & 04 Toyota Sequoia”

  1. First thought would be the Land Rover would be more expensive for repairs.

    Lets take a deeper look. Once reviewing the top trending repairs for the Toyota Sequoia we find that brakes, oxygen sensors, batteries and shocks are among the top.

    The Land Rover Range Rover top trending repairs are the Serpentine belt, Brakes, Water Pump, Alternator, Battery and Starter.

    Just the parts by them selves the Land rover is more expensive…..

    Lets look at the labor for doing a brake job…. The Toyota calls for 1.0 hour and the Land Rover calls for 2.0 hours.

    The repair costs for the Toyota would appear the most economical route when considering repair costs.

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