1991 mazda b2200 pick up

I switch from a hydraulic valve lash adjustment to a manual
Adjustment. my ? Should have a wider gap on exhaust
1991 Mazda B2200

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  1. All 2.2 engines that year came with hydraulic camshaft and lifters. I am hopeful that you changed the camshaft also to accommodate the solid lifters? If not, it will where out the camshaft premature.

    The valve lash should be the same on every lifter. If you want to open the exhaust valve more, you would need to install longer rocker arms. Where as if it has 1.5 rockers you would need to go with 1.6 on the exhaust and 1.5 on the intake to have the exhaust open more than if you left them with the 1.5 rockers.

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