1995 chevy lumina

1995 Chevy Luminashifter will not come out of park


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  1. Sounds like the park/lock control cable may need to be adjusted.

    1995 Chevy Lumina Park Lock Shift Cable Adjustment Procedure

    1.Disconnect the negative battery cable.
    2.With the shift lever in the P position and the key in the LOCK position, make sure that the shifter cannot be moved to another position. The key should be removable from the column.
    3.With the key in the RUN position and the shifter in the N position, the key should NOT turn to the LOCK position.
    4.Adjust the cable by pulling up the cable connector lock at the shifter.
    5.If the key cannot be removed in the P position, snap the connector lock button to the up position and move the cable connector nose rearward until the key can be removed from the ignition.
    6.Snap the lock button down and recheck operation. Connect the negative battery cable.

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