1997 Jeep TJ

My coolant is brown. I’ve had the Jeep for about 3 months but it sat for a couple of years before that. Is there a chance the coolant is just old, stale, dirty….. or is it definitely a head gasket problem?
1997 Jeep TJ


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  1. Most likely it is fine. The fact that the coolant is still full and there were no signs of over heating or leaks tells us that the head gasket is OK. The most common reason for coolant or anti-freeze to be this brownish color is from the use of an aftermarket Stop Leak product.

    You may want to test the coolant to make sure it is still good for use in colder weather and if it is, no need to change it out. If you just want to flush it out you may risk opening up the leak that was stopped.

    Use an Anti-Freeze Hydrometer to test with…

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