1998 dodge caravan 2,4

1998-dodge-caravanTrying to replace power steering pump broke the tollway trying to change it ordered new pulley will not fit the pump inside diameter too big ordered a new pump same problem pully would not fit reordered the pulley thinking they sent wrong one same police would not fit new pump or old pump inside diameter too big tried two years before 2 years after same problem tried ordering through VIN number send me the same items


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  1. You ordered a new pump and pulley from same parts house and they didn’t work together… Sounds like they need to dig in and figure out why there source is sending the wrong to parts to them. If you are trying to order all parts of the internet, you may want to try a dealership instead this time.

    Most likely the pulley has been ordered for the V6 engine instead of the 2.4L engine.
    Here is the pulley that is for the 2.4L engine power steering pump.

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