1999 monte carlo ls

have a monte carlo with rear drum brakes..few weeks ago i started hearing a thumping noise from left rear when braking..last week the noise stopped and now my abs actuator comes on when braking but it does not pulse the pedal or the brakes nor is there any abs light or low trac light on same for any trouble codes..braking is normal with no wheel locking up..im thinking rear sensor and or spindle bad??
1999 Chevy Monte Carlo


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  1. With no ABS light on it indicates the ABS is working as it should and all ABS components are working as they should. You hear the ABS kicking in when braking as it is preventing the brakes from locking up. The front are controlled individually and the rear are controlled as a pair.

    The first thing I would check would be the rear brakes since you previously heard some abnormal noises from that location. Could be as simple as just needing a brake job.

    What are ABS Brakes

    General System Description

    This vehicle is equipped standard with Delco ABS VI Antilock Brake System (ABS).

    The ABS VI regulates the brake pressure as follows:
    •Each of the front wheels
    •Both rear wheels, as a pair

    The ABS VI regulates the brake pressure in order to reduce wheel lock-ups. Reduced wheel lock-ups improve the driver’s control of the vehicle during braking.

    Improved stability and steering enable greater control of the vehicle in the case of an abrupt stop.

    The ABS operation is available from 5 km/h (3 mph) to the maximum vehicle speed.

    The antilock braking controls wheel slip during braking.

    The Delco ABS VI Antilock Brake System (ABS) help to control wheel spin at the driven wheels. Control of the wheel spin assists in maintaining vehicle stability and acceleration (drive traction) under changing road and vehicle load conditions.

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