2002 vw gti 1.8l turbo

I have recently topped up my power steering fluid with 4 ounces of dot 4 brake fluid. Will this be hazardous to my power steering system. I have read mixed reviews, since it wasn’t much break fluid. Thanks for your time.


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  1. Dot 4 Brake fluid contains more alcohol than Dot 3 brake fluid and is completely different from power steering fluid and should not be interchanged…. ever. Flush the system asap in the hopes to avoid any damage that may occur. I would not leave this go.

    If the engine has not been started yet since adding the wrong fluid, simply siphoning or turkey basting most of the fluid out of the reservoir should probably be okay.

    DOT 3 & 4 Brake Fluid is for use in Brakes and Clutch Master Cylinders and only when properly marked on the Cap/Cover of the reservoir. No where else.

    ATF used to be used in Power Steering many Years ago, but it is very high in detergents where Modern Power Steering fluid is not so do not substitute ATF for Power Steering either (unless the cap says to use ATF then don’t). Only use what is specified by the vehicles Owner’s Manual or on the cap of the Power Steering reservoir.

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