2007 chrysler 300

2007 Chrysler 300all my interior lights are not coming on and gauges do not move. the outside lights work and the power windows work. what else is there to check after checking fuses?


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  1. Does it start? if not it could be as simple as the Battery.

    The instrument cluster(gauges) use fuses
    #29(5A) Hot(has battery voltage) in RUN or Start and
    #17(20A) Hot at all Times and
    a Circuit Breaker #1(25A) Hot at all times

    The interior lights use the same
    Circuit Breaker #1(25A) and fuse #29(5A) and #17(20A)

    But also has additional (hot at all times)fuses #38(5A), #7(15A), #10(15A) and #3(20A)

    I would recheck these fuses. Then check for power to these fuses. Then the wiring connections. Then the wiring itself for continuity.

    How to Use a Multi-meter< /a>

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