2009 land rover lr2

Hi. I have 2009 land Rover lr2. My check engine light came on and my abs light is on, the vehicle revs up but when I put it in drive it doesn’t go past 5 km no matter how much I push the peddle. Then after about a block I get Hill descent and traction control lights come on and I get acceleration. Please help.

2009 Land Rover LR2


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  1. Your check engine light has come on to alert you as to a diagnostic issue. The ABS system is deactivated by default in turns the light on the dash. The computer is then put into “LIMP MODE” that will not allow you to drive like normal but at a safe speed to get off the highway if need be.

    You will need to have the computer codes scanned and post the codes. You can try to disconnect the battery to reset the computer but I wouldn’t get to excited just yet. It may or may not work. If it doesn’t reset then you are probably going to need to get it in to the shop to have the codes scanned and possibly have the computer re-flashed.

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