2011 Toyota RAV4

Hello, i was at school and when i got out of school which was at 2:30 I have noticed that somebody hit my back bumper which now has a big dent and i was wondering how long will it take to fix because I need a vehicle in the mean time while my truck is getting fixed.

2011 Toyota Rav4


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  1. How long it would take depends on the shop you took it to for the repair. A measurement would be how busy or backed up they are and of course how long it takes to get the parts in. If you haven’t taken it in yet, has them pre-order the parts so it isn’t setting on there lot instead of available for you to use. Also if there is painting involved, giving some time for drying isn’t a bad idea. Shouldn’t take a couple of days to turn around if they can get you right in.

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