2005 Chevy Impala

2005 Chevy Impala
While I’m driving my car just turns off and the battery light turns on I have to put it in neutral and start it up again…it happens more when I turn my wheel to right.


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  1. Sounds like the engine is stalling out. Since it seems to happen more you turn the wheel to the right, maybe try turning the wheel while you are parked and see if it kills the engine. Then jack the front end up and try it again. If it only does it when it is on the ground you may have a steering linkage issue that is binding up. But most importantly the power steering should bypass under pressure and not lock up the pump. So if the check engine light isn’t on, I would start by cleaning the throttle body throat. Spray your solvent of choice ( I prefer Brake wash or Starting fluid for expense and quick evaporation) on a rag and wipe the throat till it comes clean. Then clean the edges of the butterfly in the throttle body. This will open up to allow more air which intern allows more fuel to stay running.

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