2008 Dodge caliber

My car is misfiring at the # 2 cylinder and replaced a new intake manifold and spark plugs with three coil packs. I had a compression test done and its states all cylinders pass above 140 PSI, they checked the coil packs and #2 cylinder was still misfiring, #2 cylinder would get fire but would not stay on. So they checked all wiring and suggested a wiring harness or PCM to be replaced. I want to know if you may help me understand what if the diagnose is correct or not? What can I do?
2008 Dodge Caliber


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  1. If the diagnosis is correct then you will have the car back in repaired order.
    If it is not, then you are out the money you agreed to pay and still have the same issue.

    What can you do?
    In this case I might be more inclined to try swapping out the #1 cylinder fuel injector with the #2 cylinder fuel injector and see if the issue follows the injector.

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