2009 Nissian Altima

2009 Nissan Altima

I recently had to put my car in the shop due to a accident. I had the shop replace the following:

1. Radiator support
2. air conditioner / heater
3. A/M condenser assembly
4. Refrigerant recovery
5. evacuate &Recharge
6. front suspension
7. engine cradle
8. wheel alignment
9. exhaust system
10. front pipe
11. front pipe gasket
12. air spoiler
13. air filter
14. oil pan

Well after a month and half in the shop I got it back but within less then 12 hours of me having my car my service engine come on .The codes that I got from autozone connecting they computer is saying it

1. IVT control solenoid open or shorted
2. Cam/Crank sensor out of phase
3. Dirt buildup at control valve.

My question is can after all replacing all of the things above if was not done right and not check can these codes be from what they fix. Sorry so long but tia for information given I greatly appreciate it.


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