1985 Pontiac Trans 305 injection

Every time I make a right hand turn my engine shuts down and acts like it’s out of fuel. It won’t start again until I keep pumping the pedal continuously. It can take up to ten minutes to get going but as soon as I turn right it shuts down again. please help. I feel like I have been to every mechanic in Melbourne and all they do is fill the tank up and say they can’t find it, but once the tanks on half way it starts happening. I keep telling them but they don’t listen. thanks for your time.


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  1. You came to the right place. I have listened and heard “once the tanks on half way it starts happening”.
    This is an indication of a failing fuel level sending unit. Quite common for this year of vehicle. The fuel level sending unit is sending a false signal to the fuel gauge. The fuel tank is running out of gas and the sending unit is telling the gauge that everything is just fine. And we both know its not. Replacing the fuel sending unit should solve the issue you are having. And to save you some money and time I have looked up the part you need and confirmed that it will fit your vehicle.

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