1989 ford f150 5.0 v8

My truck starts fine when its cold but as soon as it gets up to temperature it stalls and i have to wait an hr. What can the problem be?


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  1. The ignition control module is going out. Extremely common on this year ford truck. Fortunately the part is still available. I have taken the time to look it up for you and double checked to make sure it would fit the 5.0l engine.

    How do I replace the Ignition Control Module in my Ford F150 – 5.0L Engine
    1.Remove the distributor cap from the distributor, and set it aside (spark plug wires still connected).
    2.Disconnect the harness connector.
    3.Remove the distributor.
    4.Remove the TFI module retaining screws.
    Step 5 must be followed EXACTLY; failure to do so will result in damage to the distributor module connector pins.

    5.To disengage the TFI module’s terminals from the distributor base connector, pull the right side of the module down the distributor mounting flange and then back up. Carefully pull the module toward the flange and away from the distributor.
    6.Coat the TFI module baseplate with a thin layer of silicone grease (FD7AZ–19A331–A or its equivalent).
    7.Place the TFI module on the distributor base mounting flange. Position the module assembly toward the distributor bowl and carefully engage the distributor connector pins. Install and torque the two TFI module retaining screws to 9–16 inch lbs.
    8.Install the distributor assembly.
    9.Install the distributor cap and check the engine timing.

  2. If that doesn’t take care of the situation then you will need to move on to diagnosing the issue when it will not start. An engine requires 4 thing in order to run. It is your job to determine which is missing.

    1) Fuel – Fuel Pressure and Injector Pulse
    2) Spark – Spark plug spark
    3) Compression – What is a Compression Test
    4) Timing – All of the above at the right time

    You may want to try some starting fluid in the air filter once you have confirmed you have spark.

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