2004 ford explorer 4.6

I have a 2004 ford explorer with a 4.6 engine, it has a high temp/low oil pressure light on. I have changed the oil pressure sensor and the cylinder head temp sensor and the light is still on and the temperature Gauge is not working. All fluids are good. I touch the wire at the plug with a led test light and the gauge went to working and the light went out. Once I took the test light from the wire the light come back on and the gauge fell back down. Can anyone help


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  1. Those sensors use the engine as a ground. A loss of ground to the engine may have an effect. Check your block grounds and for testing purposes use a jumper cable and connect one end to the negative battery post and the other somewhere metal on the engine.

  2. Thank you for your help. I desided to do some checking with my fluke meter and for that there was no continutity between the sensor and the computer so after checking the wiring harness i found the harness laying on the egr tube and it was burned and three wires were burned into and of course the cylinder head temp. Sensor wire was one of them. I repaired the wires and all is good thanks alot.

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