2011 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Denali

My USB port does not work on the truck. When I took the radio out of the truck, there is a mini USB male hanging out of the harness, but no plug in for the USB on the back of the radio. Is this not the radio/navy that came in it? Whoever owned it before me spliced into all sorts of wires and obviously had an aftermarket system. What should I do to get the USB working. Is there a wiring harness with the USB on it or am I just up the creek?


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  1. The Navigation|Sound Systems: Navigation Circuit|Radio Circuit show the radio cam e with the USB wire coming out the radio to connect with the factory harness. This appears to have been an option according to the wiring diagram.

    The factory wiring harness is the same and the USB is left disconnected if the radio did not have the USB option.

  2. It was an option on the truck. So what you’re telling me is that it should wire into the harness? There’s a USB port in the glove box. whoever had the truck before me had an aftermarket stereo system in it obviously because the wiring harnesses are spliced into from the back of the radio all down in the console and in the harnesses under the driver console. Anyway, the serial number is 1GT125C82BF166582. What parts do I need to get this problem repaired?

  3. A factory radio that came with the USB option would have a short pigtail coming out of the back of the radio with a USB connection that would connect to a factory wring harness. If your radio has a wire that has been spliced into that leads to a USB port, they may have done just that an messed up the wiring. Repairing the wiring connection and or replacing the USB connection should take care of the issue.

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