Dec 192015

after replacing clutch master cylinder need to know how to bleed the lines and bring the pedal back up off the floor

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  1. Hydraulic clutch bleeding procedure

    1.Remove the rubber cap from the bleeder screw on the release cylinder.
    2.Place a bleeder tube over the end of the bleeder screw.
    3.Submerge the other end of the tube in a jar half filled with hydraulic brake fluid.
    4.Slowly pump the clutch pedal fully and allow it to return slowly, several times.
    5.While pressing the clutch pedal to the floor, loosen the bleeder screw until the fluid starts to run out. Then close the bleeder screw. Keep repeating this Step, while watching the hydraulic fluid in the jar. As soon as the air bubbles disappear, close the bleeder screw.
    6.During the bleeding procedure the reservoir must be kept at least 3 ⁄ 4 full.

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