95 gmc jimmy

1995-gmc-jimmy-2 3 shops have looked at it. I replace the spider injectors, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, spark plugs, wires, distributor rotor, MAP sensor, throttle position sensor. Ideals great push gas it acts like it starved for gas. 3Rd shop wants to put a more expensive fuel pump on it. Do you think this will help?


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  1. Instead of guessing what it needs, why not have the shops perform a few tests to confirm what it needs. First, if the check engine light is on, pull the codes and post ALL of them below. You can do it yourself at home and save money.

    How to get GMC check engine light trouble codes yourself

    Next, since you think the engine is starving for fuel. Ease it up to a parking block or solid structure. Put it in gear and try to bring the engine rpm’s up. When it starts to bogg or act like it is starving for fuel, give it some… By this, I mean spray some starting fluid in the air filter to keep it running and see if it will rev up under load. If it does not rev up, it is not a fuel starvation issue. However if it does rev up, you KNOW it is fuel starvation.

    You can hook up a fuel pressure gauge and see if the fuel pressure drops when you try to rev it or if it increases(as it should).

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