Hyundai Tuscon2006

Were is the transmission filter&pan located


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  1. The transmission filter is located inside the transmission just behind the transmission pan. The transmission pan may be accessed from underneath the vehicle between the front tires.

    How to change transmission fluid on a 2006 Hyundai Tucson
    1.Disconnect hose between transmission and oil cooler.
    2.Start engine, place transmission in “N” position and drain fluid into a suitable container with engine idling.
    Do not run engine for more than 1 minute. Shut engine OFF if fluids stops draining prior to 1 minute.

    3.Remove drain plug from bottom of transmission case and drain fluid.
    4.Install drain plug and torque to 21-25 ft lb (29-34 Nm).
    5.Measure total amount of fluid drained from transmission.
    6.Add clean automatic transmission fluid (DIAMOND ATF SP-III or equivalent) through filler tube.
    7.Reconnect hose between transmission and oil cooler.
    8.Start engine and allow to idle for 1-2 minutes.
    9.Move transmission select lever through all positions and drive vehicle until fluid reaches normal operating temperature.
    10.Check fluid level and add if necessary.

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