2001 dodge ram

When am driving my stiring wheel very hard to turn and if i accelerate a little when am turning the stiring wheel softens why


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  1. Three reasons for this come to mind.
    1) Over-sized tires or aggressive tread design (All-Terrain) :
    – The power steering pump is unable to provided enough pressure to make up for the extra tire grip

    2) Power steering pump going out :
    – If the power steering pump is leaking or the pump is worn and no longer producing normal hydraulic pressure

    3) Worn steering components :
    – If some or any of the steering components are binding it would make it difficult to turn

    4) Loose power steering pump belt :
    – If the belt is loose the pump may not be able turn as it should

    Accelerating the engine increases the power steering pump speed which in turn increases the pump pressure.

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